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"Great Music! Keeping the Soulful Jazz and Smooth Listening Sound Alive Great History behind the Music! Couldn't pick a favorite song...they were all favorites. "Right Now" "It's time for Love."
-The Best Of Tynes



Beautiful, Soulful and Soothing Romantic Love Music,

...Right Now…

This isTHEalbum with music that takes you back to the sounds of great artists like the Temptations, Spinners, Ojays, Boyz to Men, and Whispers – with 12 melodic, soulful, slow jams.

 At last … music you can listen to with meaningful lyrics and soothing, soulful vocal harmonies that have been missing too long for listeners of good music.  Beautiful music that makes you feel good and puts you in the mood for caring and romance.

For music lovers who are longing for that great sound that they have been missing …  Right Now definitely brings back those legendary sounds of Motown.   All 12 songs have a message of love - every song has a different feel - with skillful musicians on keyboards, guitar, saxophone, and drums.

One thing’s for sure - the smooth and soulful deliveries by lead vocalist Terrence Forsythe, along with the vocal harmonies of Onyx1, make Right Now a “must have” for lovers of great music.  It has an “old school” flavor, is smooth and relaxing, and has great lyrical content.

Right Now will carry you on a musical trip that will remind you of those legendary songs that made you feel good, relaxed, and ready for love.

“So how does the CD sound?  Glad you asked …

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"Onyx1 “Right Now” is a very good CD.  It has the old school flavor with songs that have meaning.  Although all of the songs are definitely good, my favorite is "But I do".  It starts with a mellow sound and incorporates a little raggae beat."
-Carol, Oakland, Calif

"I love the CD in its entirety. Two of my favorite tracks are “Right Now” & “When You Weren't Looking”. I am also waiting for Onyx1 to release a new CD and I would love to be the first to be informed when it happens. Once again.... thanks for sharing your music with us".
-Your #1 Fan, Elizabeth Ellis

"Every track is a winner for me and it is great to see these guys back on the scene. A CD with great memorable songs and quality contemporary production, which is a rare combination these days. What's more these guys really can SING."
-Paul Phillips

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