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"Every track is a winner for me and it is great to see these guys back on the scene. A CD with great memorable songs and quality contemporary production, which is a rare combination these days. What's more these guys really can SING."
-Paul Phillips

"Great Music! Keeping the Soulful Jazz and Smooth Listening Sound Alive Great History behind the Music! Couldn't pick a favorite song...they were all favorites. "Right Now" "It's time for Love."
-The Best Of Tynes

"Hey Guys, CONGRATULATIONS! on Number 1 position in the Solar Radio Sweet Rhythm Chart."
-Di - Lee, Soulchoonz Records

"Cool, sometimes funky, real emotional, romantic, strong lyrics, solid lead vocals, and a sexy sax that is warm and tasty. Polished, professional, and skillful musicianship and singing. This is adult stuff, having most appeal for the grown and sexy over 35 crowd. All my significant others in Spain, Europe, and around the globe dig this CD. This is a talented group. This CD is an Obvious Standout. What is next...I will fly in from Pairee to see and celebrate with them. Guess we are fans."
-Michael Jackson aka "Ina 'national Mike" 

"Onyx1 is a top-notch group and as an artist I am so inspired by what they do. Stay Blessed."

"Thanks for the easy listening music. It has great sounds and is very relaxing. You’re the best. Love you."
- Rita

"It's about time someone brought romance back to the music arena. We may have lost a great crooner in Luther, but the Right Now cd is filled with number one love ballads. Good music thru out!!"
-Quincy Robinson

"Wow, I love your smooth jazzy sound!!! It is refreshing to hear music with loving and sensual lyrics. What we use to call baby making music. Thank!!!!"
-Justin Torres

"Hey fellas... Just wanted to stop by and pay me respects... That track Right Now is hot!! I checked you guys out on Numberone music (Had to see who knocked me off the top of the charts!! ;-) and really enjoyed what I heard... I also checked out the track on clear channel for you!! All the best to you... I'll see you at the top of the charts!!"
-Peace, Ricardo

"I love the CD in its entirety. Two of my favorite tracks are “Right Now” & “When You Weren't Looking”. I am also waiting for Onyx1 to release a new CD and I would love to be the first to be informed when it happens. Once again.... thanks for sharing your music with us".
-Your #1 Fan,Elizabeth Ellis

"This CD is awesome love track: "But I Do" good music to step to. I wish I knew your tour dates so I could try to see you perform. Keep up the good work!"
-Cool Union Lady

"This CD is one of the best R&B out. These guys really take it back to the old school. I love the different harmonies and the addition of some jazzy feeling the band is outstanding. Love the fact that real musician are used and not studio beats."
-Ray Ray

"This is an awesome CD from the vocals to the lyrics to the music it is definitely radio ready."
-Anthony Bush

"Onyx1 “Right Now” is a very good CD.  It has the old school flavor with songs that have meaning.  Although all of the songs are a definitely good, my favorite is "But I do".  It starts with a mellow sound and incorporates a little raggae beat."
-Carol, Oakland, Calif

"I really enjoyed listening to the "Right Now" CD.  The vocals are so smooth and comforting; the harmony of the background vocals is astounding - just amazing. The CD is definitely a hit!  Please let me know when you will release another CD.
-Karen, Vallejo, Calif

"I have really enjoyed this CD. It is one of my favorites, it's number one in my changer. The music, singing, sound quality, is great. There's not a song on the CD that’s not wonderful. I hope your next project is this good."
-Aubrey Hill, Malvern, Ark