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"Great Music! Keeping the Soulful Jazz and Smooth Listening Sound Alive Great History behind the Music! Couldn't pick a favorite song...they were all favorites. "Right Now" "It's time for Love."
-The Best Of Tynes



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Buy more than one "RIGHT NOW" CD, You will pay only $10.38 for every CD. Also, should you purchase multiple copies of the album, our retailer CDBaby will send them by priority mail. Your CDs will arrive in 2-3 days. (In the US only). So team up with your friends and save $2.59 on every CD! However, if You're planning to order more than 10 CDs we would suggest contacting us in order to negotiate an even better discount.

Fast delivery of all orders.

Our retailer CDBaby provides You with a choice of shipping options.  In the USA, if You get one CD, they send by first class mail.  Your CD will arrive in 3-5 days.  If you get more than one CD,  they are sent by priority mail and will arrive in 2-3 days.   This applies to the US only)  You can even have overnight shipping! 

International? Outside of the USA CDBaby uses Global Priority Mail.   This sometimes takes only 2 days but usually 5-6 days.  CDBaby can remove the plastic “jewelbox” around the CD, and send You just the CD and paper artwork if You wish.  This saves You not only postage, but usually won’t be opened by customs, either.

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Buying Onyx1 CDRight Now” is SAFE

Buying the “Onyx1 Featuring Terrence Forsythe ‘Right Now’ is 100% safe!   Our official retailer CDBaby accepts all major credit cards and guarantees secure online shopping.  CDBaby uses the most powerful privacy systems available - much safer than when you use your credit card in person, by mail, or by phone.   That’s because nobody ever sees your credit card info.  It is charged, and immediately erased – never stored on their system at all. 

Prefer to place Your order by phone, fax or mail?

Don’t have a credit card?

This is no problem., our authorized retailer offers the option to purchase our CD by phone, fax or regular mail. accepts checks, money orders, international money orders and cash in addition to all major credit cards.

Money back Guarantee

You will find that you will listen again and again to the smooth, relaxing, and melodic soul music of “Right Now”.  That’s a promise!  

If for any reason Right Now does not live up to your expectations, Just return the CD within 14 days and You will get your money back.  No questions asked.  Simple as that.

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"Onyx1 “Right Now” is a very good CD.  It has the old school flavor with songs that have meaning.  Although all of the songs are definitely good, my favorite is "But I do".  It starts with a mellow sound and incorporates a little raggae beat."
-Carol, Oakland, Calif

"I love the CD in its entirety. Two of my favorite tracks are “Right Now” & “When You Weren't Looking”. I am also waiting for Onyx1 to release a new CD and I would love to be the first to be informed when it happens. Once again.... thanks for sharing your music with us".
-Your #1 Fan, Elizabeth Ellis

"Every track is a winner for me and it is great to see these guys back on the scene. A CD with great memorable songs and quality contemporary production, which is a rare combination these days. What's more these guys really can SING."
-Paul Phillips

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